Extending the Campus Visit

Advice for how students can make the most of college visits

The campus extends way beyond what the official admission tour shows. This is because campuses are typically located within neighborhoods that are full of exciting places and people. As students begin to schedule admission tours, it is important to encourage them to make the most of their visits – as they will likely be calling one of these schools home for the next 4 years.

Here are four tips to share with students to enhance their visit experience:

  1. Get lost: Before or after the official campus tour, walk around the campus, as well as the surrounding neighborhood and don’t be afraid to explore. Chat with students and professors and ask lots of questions – this could be your new home and you shouldn’t be afraid of what you might find.
  2. Quiz your student tour guide: Ask your student tour guide questions about the neighborhood after the tour. Find out where students like to hang out, study and grab something to eat. Just make sure your questions are appropriate.
  3. Stay a few extra hours or days: Make an experience out of your campus visit. It takes more then an hour tour to know if you like a location. Plan ahead and find out what else may be happening on campus while you are there – sporting events, plays, musical events, etc. Also check out what may be going on in the surrounding area – festivals, parades, etc.
  4. Get to know the locals: Visit nearby restaurants + shops and talk to the owners. Get a feel for what life is like and what some of the local traditions are during the year. Try not to visit chains that you have in your hometown to get the true experience.

Austin has over 6 years of higher education experience working with transfer students, marketing of programs via social media, admissions, and enrollment management. He currently works for Ellucian as Enrollment Project Manager in which he supports their clients with enrollment success. He’s a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a BS degree in Business Management/Marketing. Austin also enjoys mental and physical feats and is always looking for something new to do. In the last two years, he summited Mount Kilimanjaro and completed the NYC Marathon supported by a local charity he has been involved with for several years, “New York Cares”.