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Create visit times and appointment availability

Manage your College Rep Visit calendar.

Request a custom URL to share with any college to make scheduling easy.

Sample calendar created by a high school
Appointment times can be added 180 days in advance and can reoccur by day, week or month. Multiple time slot availabilities can be created for each appointment time. Visit calendars can be accessed by College Fair Registry members to directly schedule online with a school (public access) or View Only (colleges will need to call or email to schedule be manually added them to the online calendar.) Once a visit is scheduled, a automatic confirmation email will be sent allowing both the school counselor and admission counselor to add the visit details to their personal calendar.
  • Add appointments 180 days in advance
  • Set appointments to reoccur by day, week or month.
  • Create multiple time slot availabilities for each appointment time
  • Allow colleges to schedule directly online or set calendar to “view only” and manually enter appointments
  • Automated confirmation emails sent once appointment is booked to college and high school