Why Online Scheduling RULES!

The days of using maps, playing phone tag and penciling someone in are over!

Back in 2002, when I was beginning my admissions career, I would whip out maps of the states I would be traveling to and start writing school names next to the cities and towns so I could map out my route for high school visits. Fast forward a couple years with Google in full-swing and I could easily search for nearby schools and cut my planning time in half. Map problem solved…the dreaded back and forth with school counselors, not so much. And for those of you on either side of the desk, you know what I am talking about. The missed calls, left voicemails, sent emails and rescheduling and more rescheduling until the visit calendar was just right with not a free minute to spare. And for those of you lucky enough to be a bright, shiny new penny to the world of College Admissions, you will never be able to fully appreciate just how awesome an Online Scheduler is for booking visits and college fairs. With the introduction of sites like YouCanBook.Me, SignUpGenius and Google Forms, School Counselors started taking matters into their own hands and admission offices everywhere cheered!

Now College Fair Registry has taken this one step further by connecting School Counselors and College Admissions Counselors for planning and scheduling College Fairs and Rep Visits. And the best part is that this is a free tool for School Counselors. All they need to do is set aside a couple minutes to create their school profile and then they can decide just how connected they want to be with colleges. School Counselors can choose to upload a school profile, share their visit policy for College Reps, share a link to an Online Schedule or best yet, create their own with College Fair Registry’s Online Scheduler. It is a great tool for schools with odd bell times and rotating schedules. It even offers an opportunity to get a custom URL so that the calendar can be shared and utilized with any college (not just College Fair Registry members) and can be published locally on a high school website. School Counselors can manage their scheduled appointments in College Fair Registry or sync appointments to their own calendar.
And lastly, who doesn’t love a great college fair? College Fair Registry is founded on the principle that there should be a centralized place for College Admission Counselors to discover upcoming College Fairs. College Fair Registry makes it easy for Admission Counselors to search and register for fairs and allows high schools and other organizations to post college fairs, upload fair invitations and share URL registration links. Admission Counselors can view a calendar with all the fairs they have registered for and School Counselors can manage their fair attendees.
Recruitment planning has definitely evolved and the online scheduling process for college fairs and rep visits has made everyone’s life so much easier…now if only the colleges could just work into the budget some of those self-driving cars to get the admission counselors where they need to go! Oh, what the future will bring!

Jenna Schebell spent 14+ years in college admissions at The University of Tampa (FL) and most recently at Marymount Manhattan College (NY) where she oversaw recruitment planning and scheduling for undergraduate admission. Jenna has recruited at 1000+ college fairs in her career.